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The End of Churchianity 2 - APRIL 2018!

November 2017 - We've finished filming and have some amazing stories waiting to blow your mind and grow your faith! It looks like we'll be releasing the film in April 2018. Also a new trailer is coming soon so make sure you follow us on Instagram (@thunderandlightstudios) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/endchurchianity)

Filming South Dakota

September 2017 - I just finished filming in South Dakota and recorded the testimony of a guy who sold everything to live on the streets for 2 years sharing the Gospel. We spent a night sleeping on the streets of Sioux Falls and it was a crazy night. We captured it all for THE END OF CHURCHIANITY 2. Stay tuned....

Who is in the new film?

August 2017 - Ex-gangsters, radical Christians who've taken huge faith steps, miraculous healing, and of course the GOSPEL! Getting excited to share this stuff with you all.

Powerful insight

July 2017 - I've interviewed the brilliant George Barna, the president of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, a prophetic leader and more for the new film. Do we understand the power of discipleship? I now have some incredible insight for the film.

HogMob Ministries

May 2017 - I flew to Sacramento California and followed a crew of ex-gang bangers who are now living out the Gospel on the streets. The End of Churchianity 2!